Ethical Fashion Award for EUSEBIO Spa

EUSEBIO Spa has received "Ethical Fashion Award" from 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Organization at Milano Unica as a symbol of sustainability.

At Milano Unica in the sustainability area EUSEBIO Spa presented a capsule collection of fabrics made with 100% organic cotton and 100% polyester recycled.

Michele Eusebio

General Manager - Eusebio Spa


Mauro Lucchini

Sales Manager - Eusebio Spa

Eusebio Spa was awarded for the following criteria:

- Bio materials

- Materials from responsibly managed forests or from recycled sources

- Materials free of hazardous chemicals

- Innovative bio-based fibers

- Chemical fibers from closed-loop processes

- Traditional low impact materials

- Cruelty-free animal fibers

- Companies adopting sustainability management system

- Made in Italy manufacturing

- Fair trade

- Transparency of the supply chain

- Companies participating in ethical fashion initiatives

Eleonora at Milano Unica Marketing Office - Eusebio Spa

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