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Made in Italy yarn coming from Africa

The cotton bales arrive in Italy directly from Ivory Coast to be transformed into yarn. Passion, attention and especially cultivation techniques allow us to create one of the best open-end yarn on the market.

Since 1995 we have been working closely with a swiss company, Rieter to provide the most technological and innovative spinning machinery. The system works 24/24h 6 days a week producing almost 2 million kg of yarn each year.

To guarantee a high level of performance, we check in real time the raw cotton and the yarn to prevent imperfections of the product.
The versatility of the machines and the competence of our technicians leads to the company's efficiency and to a Made in Italy product.

CONTACT US - T. +39 0331 964460

Via Cascina Firello, 1 - 21029 Vergiate VA ITALIA

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