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Knitted fabrics 100% Made in Italy

We produce circular knitted fabrics since 60 years to enhance the raw material authenticity. Our production departments (knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing) complete the company through a single verticalized cycle.

The heart of Eusebio Group is formed by a specialized and professional team to realize a 100% Made in Italy innovative product in respect of traditions.

How do we create our collections?
Our fabric collections are meant for fashion, underwear, sportswear and beachwear suitable for the creation of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, shoulder garments, trousers, swimwear and accessories. As well as our industrial fabric collections for the industrial sector, with even more specific products.
Precious natural yarns like cotton, linen and wool, and artificial yarns like polyester, polyamide and elastomers create a diversified range of products. Searching the most suitable yarn, our Style Office, supported by the Research & Development team and in collaboration with the technical departments of weaving, dyeing and finishing, studies and creates new fabrics according to market trends and seasonally declined (spring/summer and fall/winter). Customization and specific color cards of the fabrics guarantee a high quality finished product Made in Italy.


+39 0331 902311

Via Risaia, 24

21020 Crugnola di Mornago VA ITALIA

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